Windows Server 2003 – Critical!

Do you still have Windows Server 2003? Are you ready to start your migration now?

Microsoft estimates it takes 300 days to migrate applications and 200 days to migrate servers from Windows Server 2003.  300 days from the 7/14/15 was 9/17/14, and 200 days for server migration is 12/26/14.

When support ends, you run risks with security and functionality (37 critical updates in 2013), compliance and application support. Doesn’t it make sense to get started with managing this risk today?

SPS VAR is ready to assist you on your server migration with an experienced team of Windows and virtualization specialists. We can assist or lead with server inventories and utilization data gathering, identifying virtualization candidates, install hardware and software, and perform the actual migrations for a successful and financially viable project.

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