Sole Sourcing

Most likely, you have “sole sourced” at one point or another with IBM or Public Sector. Our customers that sole source with us do so because we are the only hardware vendor dedicated solely to Superion users. We aren’t just hardware resellers. Because we focus solely on the Superion community, we can create custom solutions and seamlessly integrate new technology with your existing System i and applications. With SPS VAR, you get the highest level of application and hardware knowledge with superior customer service.

You probably know or have been told that you can’t sole source if the purchase is over a particular dollar amount, but this isn’t entirely true. There are usually stipulations that you have to meet – that WE have to meet to allow you to sole source with us. And we meet them all. We will be happy to work with you to facilitate a sole source relationship. This benefits you by saving time and money.

We are the only dedicated hardware and services provider for Superion customers – this allows us to bring more to the table than any other IBM partner out there. Configurations are provided by experts with hundreds of Superion implementations and migrations. New or used, customers will receive a certified SPS VAR configuration, backed with statistical data detailing performance requirements.

We provide discount savings above and beyond the manufacture’s discount and the state’s contract pricing. Implementation is performed by trained staff with years of experience and unsurpassed knowledge in your Superion environment.

SPS VAR is a Premier IBM Business Partner. This means that we are held to IBM’s highest standards for education and customer satisfaction. Save valuable time that you would otherwise waste on writing lengthy RFPs and build a relationship with a hardware partner that understands your unique Superion challenges and goals.